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Your body deserves more

Welcome to your new body

Your body needs a new look, free of toxins, and unwanted body fat.

Through a new weight loss procedure, "Virtual Hypnosis Lap Band Surgery", is now overtaking the weight loss community by storm, you can lose those unwanted pounds.

Where through a non surgical hypnosis technique you can have hypnosis "Virtual lap band surgery" without the cost, danger, and side effects of the actual surgery.

This is a new technique in the US, first seen on the "Dr. Oz" show in February of 2012.

"Virtual lap band surgery" is a technique that has been used with very good success in Britain, and Australia. This process helps those people that have trouble losing excess pounds of weight.

With this new process you actually lose the weight and keep it off.

The process is clinical hypnosis to "replicate" the actual "surgical" process, but without the majority of side effects of the actual surgery.

The success stories of having a hypnotic-style gastric band have been well documented in the news recently with a reported success rate of up to 97 per cent, which is higher than actually having the surgical procedure (which only works for approximately 70 per cent of people).

Is the Mind Therapy Approach guaranteed?

Like any medical or therapy procedure there can be no definite guarantees. Even a surgeon cannot guarantee that an actual gastric band will work. It should be noted that it is YOU that holds the key to losing weight. No system will work if you are not 100% committed. The mind is a very powerful instrument and by using the Mind Therapy Approach you will have the tools and power to change your eating habits. The only way to lose significant amounts of weight is to eat less! The Mind Therapy Approach helps you to change behaviour and life-style which in turn provides you with the ability to lose weight and stay that way!


3 Audio sessions containing COVID and stress release hypnosis suggestions. 2 using different sounds and the 3rd for a sleep session.  This is for FEMALES ONLY. Instructions included.


$20 for all 3 audios. Rquests for audios are made by email only.  Children are special requests. Send request to


Your BMI gives and indication of your health risks. A BMI between 18 and 25 is regarded as "Normal", between 25 and 30 it is classified as "Overweight" and a BMI between 30 and 40 is in the "Obese" range. If you have a BMI over 40 you are classified as "Morbidly Obese." Not only can obesity affect life expectancy, it can be responsible for conditions such as:

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes Type II, stroke, cancer, joint problems such as osteoarthritis and high blood pressure, and can lead to your eventual death.

BMI Calculator:

Calculate your BMI click here

Ask about the weight loss sessions

for losses not in need of Lap band 

sessions.  Free weight loss audios 




PTSD sessions for Police - Military - EMS

Accidents - Victims of crimes & more...

          FREE audios with session.

Jack J Nicholais Master Clinical - Sports Hypnotist

Jack Nicholais is a former Police Captain with over 35 years in law enforcement which included Forensic Hypnosis. Jack has been doing hypnosis since 1995 and started out as a clinical hypnotist trained in hypnosis for cancer patients, PTSD, pediatrics, smoking, weight loss, stress/anxiety, child birth, and regression hypnosis. Jack is also a certified hypnosis instructor. Today, he is the nation's foremost sports hypnotist in the country and has many athletes in professional and Olympic sports not only here in the US, but Europe, Australia, and  New Zealand as well. Bringing high school and college athletes in all sports to attain their school and professional dreams. Group sessions welcomed up to 500 individuals.

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